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  • Zheng QI Wang

    I normally go to Toronto Hyundai for my services. The service advisor, Peter Luis, was very knowledge and able to articulate the issue in a reasoning fashion. They only suggest to address the necessary issues. They would also provide complementary car rental for long service.

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  • Ilana Atlas

    Every time I go, I get excellent service. My only complaint is that when I list what needs to be done through the online form, it somehow does not provide all of the information to them on their end. I now have to go back to finish the work because it was missed the first time. Otherwise, the employees are wonderful, professional, and helpful.

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  • Robyn J

    Given the type of person I am that can be very overwhelmed in any situation, my husband and myself are thankful for Deborah. She made this experience so stress free and felt like she really cared about those who come to her. I highly recommend going to this woman for your car needs. There was no up sales, no pressure, no nothing and truly is a wonderful [...]

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  • joe

    I have had problems with the power steering in my 2009 Genesis not working. I had brought my Genesis to Toronto Hyundai 2 times previously but they could not find anything wrong. About two hours after I left Toronto Hyundai, being advised they could find nothing wrong, my power steering failed again. I had the car towed to Toronto Hyundai and Peter [...]

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  • Matt Ferreira

    The sales team is very good and informative during the purchase process and immediately after very helpful and available for all your possible needs. Service team is good and thorough but the clerks in said departments are very different individuals. Some are very informative, honest and helpful - recommending services and products that make sense [...]

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