Hyundai Pasta Sunday Last Chance!

May 2024, Toronto, Ontario.  And we are back!  After a few years hiatus due to Covid and then getting back on track, Toronto Hyundai is back and very excited about Hyundai Pasta Sunday!  The sales event will take place on May 24, 25 and 26th, 2024.  The event will include the traditional pasta lunch served on Sunday May 26th by Benny Leung, President of the company.  Benny’s idea of preparing a traditional Italian Sunday lunch for staff and customers started over 9 years ago.  He and his late Italian mother-in-law Maria Tiberio prepared the traditional sauce for the event for many years together.  If you know Benny you know that although he was born in Hong Kong his love for Italian food & drink, married to an Italian-Canadian for over 35 years and having two beautiful children who also speak Italian gives him an honourable citizenship as an Italian.  Actually, he really has an Italian citizen and loves to travel to Italy with his family.

“This year our Hyundai Pasta Sunday event will be bittersweet”, says Benny Leung.  “It will be the last Hyundai Pasta Sunday that will be held at 2460 Dufferin Street.  We are very excited about the new Hyundai dealership that is under construction at Dufferin and Highway 401.”   Toronto Hyundai has outgrown the current space they have been at for over 26 years.  The new dealership has been in the works for the past several years but delayed due to Covid and unforeseen circumstances.  Move in date is scheduled for early fall of 2024.  “This particular Hyundai Pasta Sunday will be very memorable and hold a special place in my heart,” says Benny.

Family means a lot to Benny. He comes from a family of seven brothers and sisters whom he cherishes and spends as much time as he can with. In 1948 his father and his uncles owned a lucrative lumber business in Hong Kong.  Benny grew up in a large home that was part lumber yard and housed all his cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and staff.  With over 100,000 square feet of seaside property at number 1 Boundary Street in Hong Kong, life was exciting. If you have ever met Benny, you know he is full of energy and emotion.  When he talks about his childhood you can feel the happiness, craziness and energy and his words.  He had so much fun growing up in this big family.  Living in an environment with so many people and personalities gave him the ability to adapt to all sorts of people; staff, customers, friends and has a natural ability to acclimatize to any surroundings.  “It’s a gift”, says his wife, Lorri.  “Anywhere he goes, anyone he is with, any language they speak…. he can connect!  At his core this is what has made him successful.  He loves people and he loves making people happy”.  At Marsim Auto Group his staff are like family.  His customers become family.  His heart is full at home and at work.  Hyundai Pasta Sunday was created over dinner conversation about how to connect with the community.  Sitting around a family table enjoying each others company with amazing food is what this event is all about. This relates to both sides of his family….the Chinese and the Italian.  Over the past 26+ years we have seen the community change.  Many years ago Dufferin & Castlefield was a very Italian neighborhood.  Then a very Portuguese neighborhood.  It still is but has also developed into a very Filipino, Spanish, Brazilian, Jamaican and much more community.

This will be the 8th Hyundai Pasta Sunday.  We could not have done this event without the support of cousins like Vince & Angela Liberatore and family.  Vince, Angela are in the pasta and wine business.  Pasta Goodness is not just our neighbor on Marlee Avenue, but family.  They have provided the pasta for every event we have organized.  Continental Noodles in Woodbridge has also been instrumental in supporting this event.  Sarah Liberatore, third generation at Continental Noodles has expanded their already thriving business and will be set up with an espresso bar at this year’s event!  Although Benny’s mother-in-law has since left us, she will always be watching over him. She taught him all the secrets of her incredible Abruzzese tomato sauce.  He feels very proud to serve his community.  We hope you can join us at this important event; Hyundai Pasta Sunday, Last Chance at 2460 Dufferin Street.