My vehicle isn’t getting the same kilometre/mileage listed by Transport Canada.

Natural Resources Canada and Transport Canada provide basic fuel economy estimates which are intended to reflect average real-world driving conditions. The estimates are established in a controlled manner. The city and highway L/100 kilometres estimates help consumers compare the fuel economy of different vehicles tested under the same conditions.

While the Fuel Consumption Guide estimates are a useful tool for comparing vehicles, there are many factors that affect gas mileage, including how and where you drive, vehicle condition, weather conditions, fuel quality variations, use of air conditioning and other accessories (e.g. roof racks, spoilers, etc.) Given these various factors, your actual mileage will almost certainly vary from the Fuel Consumption Guide estimates.

If you feel that your vehicle is providing poor gas mileage as a result of a malfunction, please contact your Hyundai dealer to make an appointment for an inspection.