Does Hyundai have a hybrid or alternative fuel vehicle?

Hyundai continues its commitment in striving to be the most fuel-efficient automaker on the planet with the first ever hybrid from Hyundai. The all-new Sonata Hybrid has all the style and premiums you expect in a Sonata, along with projected fuel economy of 5.7 city / 4.8 highway / 5.3 combined L/100km. And unlike other hybrids on the market, the Sonata Hybrid uses a breakthrough lithium polymer battery pack, which runs cooler, lighter and is shapeable for more optimum packaging.

Hyundai’s proprietary parallel hybrid drive system is the heart of the Sonata Hybrid. This is where the Sonata Hybrid gains a key advantage. Most of the competition uses a power split system with a planetary-geared Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Most competing hybrid models use electric motors that have to power a planetary gear set. By utilizing a full parallel hybrid drive system, the Sonata Hybrid uses the power from the electric motor more efficiently to directly control the vehicle, allowing it to be operated at much higher speeds than the most of the competition in EV (electric vehicle)-only mode.