Your Family’s Automotive Expert

When Toronto Hyundai talks about the high quality of their service department, they mean it. The dealership at 2460 Dufferin Street in Toronto is home to expert automotive technicians such as shop foreman Peter Baranowski, an award-winning Master Technician who has been with Hyundai Canada since its founding in 1983.

Dedicated Hyundai professionals such as Peter Baranowski are a key reason why Toronto Hyundai has a long and stories record of success.

Over the last 30 years, Peter has established himself as one of the best Hyundai technicians in the world. He has won gold standing twice at the National Technicians Competition, and silver in Korea against the best from around the globe. “Peter Baranowski ensures that all done in Toronto Hyundai’s service department meets his award-winning high standards,” said Jimmy Tham, service manager at Toronto Hyundai. “There’s no problem too big for Peter’s team to deal with.”

Beyond offering the most skilled service to Hyundai owners, Toronto Hyundai offers them true peace of mind through its conscientious and caring relationships with customers. “We are first and foremost a family-owned and focused company,” said Tham. “From our president, Benny Leung – who founded Toronto Hyundai in 1998 after starting in the business as a salesman – right down to everyone in our shop and showroom floor, Toronto Hyundai’s goal is to be your trusted, reliable, and honest source for all of your automotive needs.”

Offering everything from new and pre-owned sales and leasing to parts, service and collision repairs, Toronto Hyundai’s 50-plus staff speaks over 15 languages, including Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Polish, Tagalog, and French. This makes it a welcoming destination for central Toronto’s culturally and linguistically-diverse population of car owners.

The best part: Thanks to Hyundai’s commitment to making well-built, robust and economical cars, this dealership’s service department can keep your vehicle running reliably for years to come – but only if you maintain it based on Hyundai’s scientifically-sound, engineering-based maintenance schedule.

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Dedicated Hyundai professionals such as Jimmy Tham are a key reason why Toronto Hyundai has a long and stories record of success.

Of course, proper car maintenance requires the very best supplies to be used, which is why Toronto Hyundai has won the right to offer Castrol EDGE Professional premium fully synthetic motor oil with titanium additive in all of its service packages. Compared to competitors’ oils, Castrol EDGE Professional is up to 60 per cent more effective in reducing engine-killing metal-to-metal contact, and up to 35 per cent stronger for longer, even under extreme demands. This premium full synthetic oil is the choice of drivers who want the very best life-extending, high-performance lubricant for their cars and trucks.

“Don’t bother looking for Castrol EDGE Professional in stores, because you won’t find it,” said Tham. “Castrol EDGE Professional can only be purchased in combination with professional service packages from certified automotive technicians, such as Peter Baranowski and the experts in our service department.”

Castrol EDGE Professional is a vital ingredient in all four of Toronto Hyundai’s service packages; each of which aligns with Hyundai’s rigorous maintenance schedule to keep your vehicle in peak condition. All are offered with the dealer’s Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection (MPVI) included. This is a colour-coded ‘report card’ on which the results of each visit’s inspection are recorded so that you can see how your vehicle is doing at a glance.

Service 1 is a basic package that includes replacing the engine oil and filter; checking the battery, brake, coolant, and washer fluids; topping up tire pressure and washer fluid; checking exterior lights, tire tread depth, and wiper blades; and lubricating all latches, hinges and locks; among others. Service 2 includes all of Service 1’s features and adds inspections of air filters, battery terminals (with cleaning), drive belts, drive shafts, fuel injectors, and hoses; plus tire rotation and balancing to maximize tire life.

Service 3 takes Service 2 one step further by adding inspections of automatic transmission fluid, engine coolant for condition and strength, front and rear brakes, and the exhaust system from the manifold back. And Service 4 does all of this and factors in replacing the engine air filter; inspecting the steering linkage and suspension mounting bolts; and checking the power steering system, among others.

“If you keep to your Hyundai’s maintenance schedule, it will provide years of worry-free, economical driving,” said Jimmy Tham. “And if you have your maintenance done at Toronto Hyundai – and insist on quality products such as Castrol EDGE Professional full synthetic motor oil – you can count on the most expert service using the very best of replacement fluids and parts.”