Consider collision repair options wisely

Every year, thousands of motorists are involved in automobile accidents, and every year motorists wind up paying more for collision repairs than they need to.

With collision repairs, it’s best to be prepared and to know your options. That means understanding your insurance policy and not letting others decide where your vehicle will be repaired.

At an accident scene, motorists may be approached by a tow-truck driver with an offer to help. The driver may try to persuade you to bring your vehicle to a collision repair shop that he recommends. Never agree to anything or sign anything unless you are sure of the costs and consequences of doing so.

Sometimes insurance agents will attempt to influence their clients’ decisions about collision repairs. Again, never agree to use a repair shop against your will; it’s your right to select a repair shop of your choosing.

If you own a newer model vehicle, you may be eligible for free towing coverage from a roadside assistance program. Or, towing service is available if you belong to an automobile club, such as the Canadian Automobile Association.

Collision repairs are performed at either an independent shop or a new-car dealership. New car dealerships are often affiliated with reputable collision repair shops that offer a range of services, including free pick-up and delivery of the vehicle and customer shuttle, rental car availability, free estimates, and more. In reviewing your options, consider service, knowledge and reputation of the shop, and price.

For all types of collision repairs, new-car dealerships know your vehicle better than anyone else. Plus, a dealership is equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and frame-straightening equipment to restore vehicles to pre-accident condition, and technicians are trained to repair your make and model.

Dealerships will also make any mechanical repairs to the manufacturer’s specifications on site, and they use OEM parts as recommended by the manufacturer.

In addition to the work itself, dealerships provide warranty information and lifetime guarantees, and they offer shuttle services, car rental access, quick estimates and speedy turnaround times.

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