In-car gadgets make driving more enjoyable

Whether you’re running an errand, going to work or embarking on a road trip, the experience of driving can be a mundane exercise. Thankfully, there are a variety of in-car gadgets available to make your drive more enjoyable, and safer.

Here is a list of some of the onboard items that are readily available, modestly priced and easy to install.

Global Positioning System (GPS). This is a device that provides driving directions, lane guidance and updates on weather and traffic. Many new Hyundai models vehicles are equipped with a GPS system already built in.

Satellite Radio. This streaming services provide drivers with a wide range of music, news, comedy, sports and public affairs shows.

Bluetooth Headset. In Ontario, it’s illegal to use of handheld mobile device while driving, but it’s okay to use a hands-free device, such as a wireless headset. This device allows drivers to make and receive calls without having to fumble with their phone.

CarMD Vehicle Diagnostics. This is a do-in-yourself device that allows drivers to diagnose vehicle-related problems. It converts the information into a description of the problem, as well as a list of parts that may need to be placed (and pricing).

Key Finder. Are you one of those who is constantly misplacing car keys? This handy little device allows you to detect your key fob from up to 60-feet away.

Smartphone & IPod Car Connectors. Most new cars support some sort of iPhone and iPod integration, but as there are plenty of cars on the road more than five years old, and this device will connect an iPod or iOS device to your car’s stereo.

Power invertor. This compact device allows you to charge your travel-related electronic devices. It converts the 12-volt direct current from a car’s battery into a 115-volt alternating current used by everyday appliances.

Mobile apps. There are many apps the provide useful information for drivers. The world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app, Waze, is an app where drivers share real-time traffic and road information and to improve the driving experience.

We use our cars for a multitude of practical reasons (getting from Point A to Point B), but they also serve as a great source of enjoyment.

A quick internet search will yield a wide assortment of affordably-priced gadgets for all types of vehicles.