Business Manager plays a key role at a dealership

If you’ve ever purchased a car from a new car dealership, you have probably met the Business Manager. He/she is usually the first person to congratulate you on the purchase of your vehicle, and they are a valued team member at a typical dealership.

One of the roles of a business manager is to ensure that all of the paperwork, licensing, financing and legal requirements are met whenever a car is bought or sold.

After a customer has chosen a vehicle and negotiated a price, the business manager will check the relevant incentives, rebates, federal and provincial taxes, insurance, residual value, and arrange a delivery time.

Paying for a vehicle is always an important consideration when buying a car, and the business manager discusses this part of the process next. She will review the customer’s credit application and discuss how he/she plans to pay for the vehicle.

Most new cars are financed or leased, which means applying for credit from an automobile manufacturer or a financial institution. The business manager then reviews the customer’s credit application and submits it to the financial institution and reports back to the customer whether or not he/she has been approved.

On the sales side, the business manager also presents customers with products meant to add value to the purchase. These products include a rust inhibitor package, appearance protection package, fabric/leather protection, anti-theft devices, extended service plans and extended warranties.

If you’re trading in a vehicle, the business manager will conduct a lien search on it, to make sure that it hasn’t been stolen, reported missing or had a serious accident.

The next step for the business manager is to prepare your car for delivery. This entails communicating with the customer and his/her insurance company, as well as contacting the service department to perform a PDI (pre- delivery inspection).

In summary, a business manager plays an integral role in making sure that all of the administration and legal requirements are met. Their desire is to build a relationship with each customer, a relationship built on trust, fairness and transparency. That relationship is the foundation of providing a positive buying experience.

The next time you visit the Business Manager’s office, you’ll have a deeper appreciation of the many roles she plays in helping you to take delivery of your new vehicle.