The advantages of Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

There was a time when buying a used car frequently meant trouble ahead – expensive trouble.

Fortunately, those days are over, and the used vehicle market has changed for the better over the past few decades. Car buyers are much more confident in buying a second-hand vehicle today, especially if they buy from a registered new car dealership.

Vehicles produced today are much improved in terms of engineering and overall quality, resulting in longer expected lifespans. Certified pre-owned programs (CPO) have also helped consumers feel more confident when buying used.

Hyundai is one of many manufacturers that offer a CPO program, which are available through their dealer network. These programs offer many important benefits to car buyers, such as multi-point inspection, a reconditioning process and a Carproof Report that documents the insurance claims of a vehicle.

Generally, only vehicles with low mileage and clean histories are eligible for these programs; many vehicles don’t meet these criteria and do not earn CPO status.

Hyundai’s CPO Program, H-Promise, is designed to provide used car buyers with full, uncompromising confidence. H-Promise includes a transferable 1-year/20,000 km Powertrain Limited Warranty, a 120 inspection point program, complimentary one-year 24-hour roadside assistance, first oil change at no charge, and more.

Another benefit of CPO programs is the attractive finance rates offered by manufacturers, which are often competitive with new car finance rates. Hyundai’s H-Promise offers 0.9% financing on select vehicles.

Many pre-owned vehicles offered under CPO programs are lease return vehicles, meaning these vehicles have been serviced in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommended maintenance schedules.

Buying a pre-owned vehicle from a new car dealership is preferred over purchasing privately. If you decide to purchase privately, be aware of people who specialize in selling cars that are stolen, or that have serious deficiencies.

These particular private sellers – sometimes referred to as curbisders –operate unethically and outside of the law by selling damaged or defective vehicles to unsuspecting consumers.

As CPO programs have become more popular in the marketplace, and as those programs have improved, consumers can feel confident in knowing that they are purchasing a quality product that is guaranteed and that will provide years of problem-free and stress-free driving.

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