5 Reasons to Consider a Career in Automotive Retail Sales

Has your career hit a snag? Are you ready to transition to another industry, possibly to another profession altogether? Do you enjoy working with and helping others?

Purchasing a car can be an exciting adventure. Imagine being part of that experience. A career in retail automotive sales offers a wealth of benefits for men and women who are looking for a challenging career in a dynamic, fast-paced industry.

  • Automotive dealerships employ men and women from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds. Some begin their careers after attending college or university while others transition from other industries. Some endeavor to ‘test the waters’ for a few months and soon discover that they possess a natural talent for selling.
  • Automotive salespeople have evolved considerably over the past two decades. Today, they are often referred to as brand specialists who are trained and educated on a specific brand. They engage in continuous product learning so that they understand the technically-advanced performance and safety features of today’s automobiles.
  • Successful automotive salespeople possess an abundance of skills, too: they are great listeners, they are well organized and they communicate effectively in person and online. If you speak more than one language, as many successful salespeople do, then your opportunities for success are that much greater.
  • Successful salespeople are self-starters and possess an entrepreneurial mindset. They manage their own accounts and utilize a range of online and mobile technologies to market themselves and to connect with their professional networks.
  • With regard to earning potential; the sky is the limit. Your career path could advance from brand specialist to sales manager to general sales manager to dealer principal.

The retail automotive industry needs qualified salespeople. If you are a student evaluating career options, or want to change careers, then contact a new car dealership and speak to their salespeople and sales managers.

For those who are willing to work hard, enjoy working with people and want to be part of a progressive industry, automotive brand specialist is the career for you.