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Hyundai Signature Certified Dealer

Signature Program BannerIn 2014, Hyundai Auto Canada announced a new initiative called the Signature Certification Program, aimed at differentiating Hyundai dealers from the competition by going beyond the traditional sales and service processes to become leaders in customer satisfaction. This prestigious certification is given to select Hyundai dealerships by Hyundai Canada that denotes a high level and consistency of quality and satisfaction.

Hyundai Auto Canada's President and CEO Don Romano outlined the motivation for the Signature Certification Program. "If we are going to differentiate ourselves, we need to become more aware of what our customers want, and exceed their expectations during what we are calling our 'moments of truth'. These moments are those critical points of interaction with the Hyundai brand, and Hyundai dealerships, when customers invest a high amount of their time shopping our products," says Romano.

Hyundai commissioned J.D. Power, the industry leader in customer service research, to develop the parameters of this new certification program. The approach is customized for each dealership, just like a signature is unique for each individual. The feedback of J.D. Power's research provided the basis for defining customer expectations, which have become Hyundai Signature Standards.

Toronto Hyundai is proud to be one of the select Hyundai dealerships in Canada that submitted to extensive analysis and examining in order to qualify for this prestigious certification. Ongoing training and coaching are part of process in attaining (and maintaining) Signature certification.

The certification itself means that Toronto Hyundai customers can shop with greater transparency due to a high level of service. Customer satisfaction is top one priority, and the company will ensure that you drive away with the car you want in the condition you want it.

Signature Certification focuses on four areas within the dealership:

Total Satisfaction

From award-winning products to industry-leading customer service, our most important goal is to exceed your expectations.


Quality is at the heart of our guiding principles. It's the only way your Hyundai can become a reliable part of your family.


We are committed to standing-out from the competition by bringing the products, technology, and services that customers actually want.


With a focus on teamwork and staff empowerment, we are guided by integrity and passion to pursue excellence through continuous improvement.

As competition continues to heat up in the automotive industry, the values that have made Toronto Hyundai a great dealership - customer service, persistence, teamwork, innovation - will be more important than ever. Having achieved Hyundai Signature Certification, Toronto Hyundai looks forward to providing the absolute best automotive experiences for its valued customers, today and every day.